365 #136 – Foundation


There are an odd collection of trinkets and keepsakes in our house. I like to keep small things, almost touch stones, that remind me of places we have visited or reminders of special occasions. I guess this stone is one of the more unusual items, two years ago while on holiday in south west Ireland we took the chance to find and visit the house my wife’s grandmother lived in. The house is in a rural area and perched on the side of a mountain with spectacular views. As it happened the house (no longer in family ownership) was in the process of a major redevelopment. Some of the old stone walls had been opened to provide an opening for what I assume will be a door way to a planned extension. This stone came from the wall, so not a foundation stone of the house, but in a way part of the foundation of my wife’s and so my children’s history. It’s not a spectacular photo and a very ordinary stone but to me it represents a piece of history.


One response

  1. hey, i like this david. the story and the way you pictured a piece of history all on its own

    18/05/2011 at 10:46

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