365 #158 – Irish summer


This was the view of Bray from the side of Bray head tonight just after 9pm. It was a day of mixed weather in Ireland. I found it very interesting seeing live weather updates via Irish Weather Online during the day. Irish Weather Online really came into their own during last Winter’s snow, their updates were (and are) the most accurate forecasts and nowcasts available in Ireland.  Its has been great seeing them going from strength to strength.

I highly recommend you follow them on twitter @iweatheronline or find them out on facebook or their website

Irish Weather Online very kindly posted today’s photo on their website gallery here

I have now created a panorama of the scene that night, which includes this image as part of the panorama, it can be seen here


2 responses

  1. wowsome !

    08/06/2011 at 07:49

  2. Ooh, ominous skies. Like this a lot. Dramatic!

    08/06/2011 at 00:52

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