365 #331 – Framed #TwitterXmasSingle


Today I had the pleasure to be part of something very special called #TwitterXmasSingle which all came from a Twitter conversation on Saturday 19th November, a week and a lot of organisation later it had all be pulled together, a choir of over 120 people gatherer in the Westin Hotel Dublin (who kindly donated a fantastic function room) and recorded Winter Song.

#TwitterXmasSingle’s Winter Song will soon be released for download and all the proceeds will be going to neo-natal unit at the National Maternity Hospital on Holles Street in Dublin. After all Christmas is a time for Children. As one the musicians on the recording said to me, as a society we have a responsibility to care for the most vulnerable, the young and the old, you can’t get any younger than the children in the neo-natal unit.

Myself and two photographer friends (Shane Murphy & Emily Gallagher) were delighted and privileged to be invited to take photos of the day. To my mind the shot of the day is this one from Shane.

Keep an eye on the TwitterXmasSingle group on pix.ie for shots from the day, this is being update over the next couple of days. A big thanks to pix.ie for providing the group (and large amount of storage) for the event.

Please follow the #TwitterXmasSingle hashtag on Twitter for news of the release of the single and support it.

5th December 2011 – A quick update on the #TwitterXmasSingle
On Sunday 4th December 2011, in the Westin Hotel Dublin, the TwitterXmasSingle was launched and made available for download through iTunes and other digital media outlets. Within 8 hours of its release, the single “Winter Song” by TwitterXmasSingle had reached Number 1 in the Ireland download charts for iTunes. The push is now on to get the single to be Number 1 in the charts in Ireland for Christmas. Costing just 99c it’s something that should be affordable to practically everyone and a great way to contribute to the Neo-Natal Unit of Holles Street Hospital in Dublin. It’s simply amazing how it has gone from being conceived in a Tweet in 19th November to being being recorded on Sunday 26th November by a choir of people who volunteered through Twitter (many of whom had never met) to being released for download on 4th December. It brings to mind the quote from Margaret Meade “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” In this case it is the world of tiny children and their families.

Early today both Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson who wrote & recorded the song tweeted about the achievement of TwitterXmasSingle:

@ingridmusic i love #twitterxmassingle. It’s the first-ever charity single recorded using Twitter. And they used Winter Song. What a great idea.

@SaraBareilles Sending love to the Irish folks who have embraced the message of Winter Song and are making it their own! So special. http://bit.ly/tGGFXo

@SaraBareilles This is the end result of the #twitterxmassingle! Love love love http://itunes.apple.com/ie/album/winter-song-single/id485227782

If you can afford the 99c, I do urge you to download the song.



3 responses

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  2. Wonderful pic! What a great thing you all did.

    01/12/2011 at 03:15

  3. Well done you lot. Saw a bit on telly about it. Looked great.

    28/11/2011 at 10:56

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