#81 – Heirloom

I’ve decided that this image deserves some words of explanation. What you are seeing here is the handle of a saw, which my Father has given me. The saw was passed on to him by his Father, John Ferrie (1909-1977). The name “E.Ferrie” is stamped into the wood of the handle, we believe this refers to Edward Ferrie (1866-1943) my Great Grandfather. There is a second stamp “B.Ferrie” there are no males in the family with the initial B or for that matter a name like William that would become Billy. As it appears that both names were stamped at the same time, the assumption is that in the stamping process a mistake was made when it was stamped first with a “B” and then corrected by putting E.Ferrie on both sides of the handle. In time the saw will pass from me to my Son.


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