Please help Diabuddies get funded

As you may know, Diabetes and Diabetes awareness are something I have a vested interested in having been diagnosed with T2 diabetes 4 years ago. Somebody I know through a great forum ( has been working on a very useful project for sometime and is now hoping to bring it to completion. Brian is in the running for some funding, if he gets enough votes. So I’m asking people to support Brian to create something that people with diabetes (like me) would find very useful. All I need from you is a couple of minutes of your time to vote for his project. Below is a post from Brian (from Diabetes Forums) where he explains how to vote.

Hello fellow insulin challenged friends,

Those of the fellow ‘ol timers’ might remember a few of us on here working on a project called “”. I got the site up, but didn’t have the time and especially the money to really get it going strong. Basically it’s a social media website that lets you upload your meter data by connecting your meter to the computer and running our app, or enter it manually, to the database and then the data is automatically plotted and trended for you. With Tony’s help and permission the idea was to have be the diagnostic side and send topics and sharing of data to the Forums if you wished to discuss your graphs and data with friends.

Well I am still hoping to accomplish everything and more. I am currently working on an iPhone app as well, that I think so far is pretty cool. BUT I really need some money to get a few programmers, pay for the hardware, and most importantly make sure the data is safe and HIPPA compliant.

I know its a hassle but I would be so, SO greatful if you could vote for me here:

1) Just go to that link
2) Login via FaceBook
3) When you login in via facebook, I chose the option in the login box to only post stuff that I can see – not anyone else. I have not seen anything posted in my timeline yet and if I do I will probably disconnect them. I KNOW sharing info with anyone can suck, but I would not ask this of anyone if I didn’t feel it was safe and easy to opt out if they start hassling me.
4) Once logged in, just type “” in the search box, click search then:
5) Please vote for to get the grant!

Unfortunatelythere is no direct link to vote, so sorry for the hassle.

A big thanks to Tony for giving me permission to post this, we all know it, but I’ll say it again, the guy is beyond awesome.

Thank you SOOOOO MUCH to ANYONE(!) that votes to help with this. I need 250 votes before the 30th of this month! I hope you will help!


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