365 of 2011 eBook for Charity

365 by David Ferrie


Over a year in the making, with a budget of cents, 365 “The Book” was completed in January 2012. It features all the photos of my Project 365 for 2011.

In order to try raise a few Euro (Dollars) for the Santa Strike Force charity who do great work, I’ve decided that I will donate the profit from any sales (until end of January 2013) of the eBook version to Santa Strike Force.

The book costs €2.99, Blurb will take 60c and the balance of €2.39 will go to Santa Strike Force. It’s only a small gesture, but I’m hoping it will raise a few Euro for a great charity.

The book was produced on Blurb and is in epub format, targetted at iPad/iPhone, however I believe that there are viewers for Android & Windows that can handle epub format books. So if you have a few Euro you can afford to part with and fancy a copy of the book you can get it here.

If you would like to support Santa Strike force a get a book of photographs by over 70 photographers please consider the Boards PhotoBook 2012 which can be purchased online from Shakespeare books here. Or if you would like a print of one the prints featured in the book you can bid on them here bidding starts at just €25 and includes post & packing (within Ireland)


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