Stargazers on air

Stargazers TV3 - (Getting ready)

This morning my Son appeared on a breakfast TV programme called Ireland AM broadcast by Ireland’s independant TV station TV3. Why was he there? He is a member of his schools astronomy club, St.Cronan’s Stargazers and earlier this year Deirdre Kelleghan who runs the club (on a voluntary basis) came up with an idea to record a short video to submit to Blackrock Observatory’s “GatheringTheGathering” project, where video messages will be sent into space to a star 10 light years from Earth.

The video was completed in early summer and posted to YouTube and has been submitted for broadcasting to the stars. It’s a fun, educational and positive video, which you can see here, caught the attention of TV3, so this morning the boys who appear in the video and Deirdre appeared on TV to talk about it. Their short segment can be viewed on the TV3 website here.

I was lucky to tag along the morning so as to see the interview happening. Below are a few more photos from this morning.

Stargazers TV3 - (on air)

Stargazers TV3 - (On Air 2)

Stargazers TV3 - (it's a wrap)


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