Sportsmans Show Jumping at Boswell Equestrian

Yesterday I spent a long but enjoyable day at Boswell Equestrian Centre, I was there with my daughter Ruth and her friend Jade, who brought their horses down from Hawthorn Lodge to take part in Sportsmans Jumping. The sportsmans which Boswell run is a really great way for riders to get out and try jumping in a low pressure and encouraging way.

SportsmansFor Ruth (riding Aladdin’s Girl) it was to continue their jump training over 80 & 90 cm jumps.

Sportsmans jadeFor Jade (riding JB Radical) it was their first competition jumping 50cm and 60cm.

As I mentioned, it’s a low pressure event, from arrival & registration, where Debbie meets all the entrants with a smile and an encouraging good luck, to Luke making sure that the warm arena is kept organised to Heather the judge, who greets each rider into the arena with another good luck. Heather is also always ready with some advise & encouragement so that both horse and rider do their best.


It’s always nice to come  away with clear round rosettes but as the saying goes, just taking part is great.

Of course the support team from Hawthorn Lodge stables can’t be overlooked, many thanks to Lia, Ailse & Jen who helped prepare the riders & horses for the events and cheered them on.

Well done everyone!

We spend a lot of weekends at Boswell, it has become part of our weekend and it’s great that it’s a nice place to visit.





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