What happened ..?

There may be some people wondering why I haven’t posted any photographs for my 366 project and I thought I should explain what happened.

I’ve ended my 366 due to human error. Last Friday morning, while preparing to make images at the Dressage Ireland National Championships, which my daughter had qualified for and was competing in, I formatted the memory cards in my camera. I then proceeded to photograph my daughter’s and some friends dressage tests and then I realised that I hadn’t upload the previous two days 366 images from the camera.

I tried using a number of recovery software utilities to get the images back, and while PhotoRec (one of the best utilities to my mind) managed to retrieve over 1500 images from the card, alas the 2 images I needed were not in the 1500.

While I had the options of:

  • Creating two “catch-up” images
  • Leaving two blank days
  • Extending the project by two days

For me, a stickler for rules, they really were not options. So, with some regret I decided that the only real (and true to myself) option was to end the project. Especially as earlier in the year I had missed a day (due to illness) and had allowed myself to bend the rules by doing a catch-up the following day – that decision never really sat well with me.

So the project has ended, this doesn’t mean I’ll stop taking images. Will I messed up, I’m not seeing the project as a failure, personally I please with a number of images and very happy with what became my “Kitchen in the Dark” series. After my two previous 365 projects, I spent some time going through the images and look to see what I had learned, where I had pushed myself and deciding what areas/themes I would like to explore further outside the project.

I’d like to thank, in particular, my wife and children who have been very encouraging and supportive throughout the 237 days of the project. I also thank everyone who took the time to follow my project, to support me through likes and/or comments on images, it was greatly appreciated.


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