A Grave Detail

A Grave Detail Cover

“A Grave Detail”

I have always enjoyed visiting graveyards and feel they can give a glimpse into the history of the area they are situated in. I find it very calming to walk around graveyards and while there can be a certain sameness, I find if you look closer there can be interesting details.

“A Grave Detail” is a set of images, which came about as a result of SoFoBoMo (Solo Foto Book Month) project in 2011. Although I feel it’s a project that will run for a long time, as each new graveyard I visit is likely to yield new images.  I will be adding the images from the project to this page, in the meantime a PDF document of the SoFoBoMo project can be viewed by clicking “A Grave Detail




One response

  1. andrea riggins

    I know what you mean ,they are a place of solace and reminiscing,,peaceful,after all that’s why its “Rest In Peace”

    06/07/2015 at 14:57

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